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Say I Do At Popular Outdoor Wedding Venues

WeddingYour wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life. It is up there with graduating from college, the day you get your first job, the day you buy your first car, the day you have a baby and the day you retire. For your big day, you want to make sure that everything is perfect, which is why you should consider the options you have for outdoor wedding venues. Sure, you could have an indoor wedding, but outdoor weddings tend to be a lot more special and exciting for both you and your guests. Below are some of the popular options for all inclusive wedding venues in Maryland. Consider each one, and choose the one that best fits your idea of your dream wedding!

A Private Beach Wedding

Beaches have always been seen as a romantic spot. Something about the calming waves, the sand between your toes, and the beautiful sunsets makes beach weddings a very popular option. If you see your wedding as a casual event, then a wedding at the beach may be perfect for you. For your dress, you may consider a light, flowing, bohemian dress that will be easy to manage while walking on the beach. Flip flops would be the best shoes to go with your dress but barefoot is the recommend option. Rather than flowers for centerpieces, you may consider buying or creating seashell inspired centerpieces for your guests’ tables.

A Wedding at a B&B

Bed and Breakfasts are becoming an increasingly popular option for smaller outdoor weddings. One of the great things about having your wedding at a B&B is that there is room for some of your guests to stay the night at the venue both before and after your wedding day. It’s nice not to have to worry about transportation on your wedding day. For a wedding at a B&B, you could go with any style of wedding dress. You could also go with any style of centerpiece that you wish. There are no real limitations with a B&B wedding. You could have a very traditional wedding, or you could go with a modern, casual wedding. It is all up to you and your groom!

State and National Park Weddings

If you are looking for an affordable outdoor wedding venue, then choosing a park is the way to go. To start your search, you should visit your state’s park website. Many state parks have been rented out for weddings before, and some states have a wedding guide for their parks. There will be a variety of options. Some parks may have a manor house to provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. Other parks may have a pier, which is perfect for sunset pictures on your wedding day! The great thing about these park venues is that they are usually significantly cheaper than a more traditional wedding venue.