Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation surgery, or as it is more frequently called, a “boob job,” is a plastic surgery procedure in which a woman’s breasts are made bigger, re-shaped, or re-textured. Because of the advances in medicine and science, breast augmentation surgeries are no longer a high-risk surgery, and more women are having them done. Typically, boob jobs have a pretty bad reputation and high negative associations with the procedures. Think what you want, but there are different reasons why women get breast augmentations, and the result is not always drastically different from the original look and feel of the breasts. Let us consider some of the reasons that women will consider having a breast augmentation.

The popular belief is that women have boob jobs to have bigger breasts. Especially when it comes to celebrities who live in the limelight and are heavily criticized for how their bodies look, this is a common reason for obtaining a breast augmentation. Increasing the size of one’s breasts is the main reason that there is a negative association with the idea of breast implants and plastic surgery. This surgery is frequently seen as a vain act and something that only wealthy and materialistic women will have done. While this is fairly common when a woman is having their breast size increased, this is not the only reason that women choose to go through breast augmentation recovery.

Many women who get breast cancer are forced to have a mastectomy to treat cancer. After a mastectomy, most women will choose to have a reconstructive breast augmentation. Sometimes women do this to feel balanced. Others simply do not feel whole without their breasts. Unlike the procedure to simply have one’s breast size increased to feel happier about your appearance, most people will not see reconstructive surgery as a vain act.
Another reason that women will consider breast augmentation is because of sagging skin as we get older. People make jokes about how older women’s breasts begin to sag (including the older women themselves). Just like some women dye their hair when it starts to turn gray, others get breast augmentations as their breasts start to look a little less perky. People do not usually have a problem with women dying their hair as they get older, so why is breast augmentation not as widely approved of. One of the big reasons may be because of the risk associated with surgery as well as the high costs of breast augmentation about hair dye.

Your Body; Your Choice

When it comes down to it, it is each woman’s choice whether or not she wants to have a breast augmentation done, and each woman will have a different reason for it. Before judging every woman who has a breast surgery done, however, you should think about how they may have special circumstances such as having a hard time coping with aging or trying to find a way to feel normal and complete again after surviving breast cancer.

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